Do You Have Secrets You Intend To Take To The Grave? Get Some Off Your Chest

I have so many in mind, maybe about fifteen (15), but it is best that when I leave this world, I go with about four. so will publicly confess some since this is online community.

In the year 2001, I was in SS2, I was a very stubborn boy, everyone got tired of me. I just returned from suspension for fighting and throwing my classmate I fought inside a gutter without realising my principal saw me. he later rescued the boy and I met my Waterloo at the assembly next morning.

I was surprised to find my mother there, five hefty men with a bag of canes stood by her. I was called out and stripped Unclad and a hell I will never forget begun. anyway I forgave my mum but never forgave that principal. I was such a bad boy then till God saved me and made me a new man sometime in 2008.

The day I resumed I swore I will find ways to deal with the principal, I heard he was in the habit of strolling at night to look for students fucking In the classrooms, thank God I had a my Boys (boys who adored me for being a bad child). rumor had it that this man had some girlfriends and he also uses the classrooms as a brothel.

anyway we decided to watch him and soon we observed there was this tiny girl in jss2 who meets this man in a class, I went and met other seniors who respected me and begged them to help us get cain and koboko with grinded pepper and a big padluck.

on a very good night, we all hid with covered faces, when the man entered the classrooms with this breast-less girl, we waited for the fool to uncloth himself. once the action started, we rushed in and poured the grinded pepper in his eyes, the girl ran out screaming, while we all started using the koboko. I focused on his joystick because he made them part my buttocks and flog me in between my yansh (who does that). the man kept shouting while we kept beating him, in order for security not to come catch us there, we took his cloths and rushed out while padlocking the door behind us.

some sets of students have already been sent earlier to wake his wife in the staff quarters, I returned to the hostel with my boys

we woke up to hear the news that the principal is locked Unclad in a classroom and he can not explain how he got there, thanks to the big padluck we used. the man kept trying to explain to his wife who insisted the door not be broken down how he was kidnapped.

I will confess the remaining 14 before I reach the age of 90. need to make heaven and leave my secrets on earth here.


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